Academy Of Language Arts And Culture Was Established In Hp How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Soulmate

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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Attract Your Soulmate

This is the story of how I found my Beloved. It is intimate and sacred, and the reason why I am willing to share with you such a story is because I know there is no more powerful resource in the world than a woman who is truly loved and no more destructive force than a woman, embittered. So bear with me, the story is lengthy (you can print it out by pressing the printer icon above, and enjoy it over a cup of coffee, or as a friend did, in a bubble bath : ) You will be sure to be amazed at how magical and supportive the Universe can be if you allow yourself full connection with your own divinity.

The Not So Distant Past

6 years ago I was a very different person than I am now. I was a deeply emotional being who was extremely critical of the self and quite a perfectionist. I attended U.C. Berkeley for my undergraduate work and went to NYU Grad Film to become a filmmaker. While in grad school, I balanced a highly competitive and ego-centric atmosphere with a deep love for metaphysical and esoteric knowledge. AND I was in a karmic relationship with a fiancé who I loved deeply but who triggered me intensely.

Everyone has different things that trigger him or her, for me it was infidelity. My parents were not faithful to one another. In their language of relationship, infidelity was akin to a kind of love dance. Their unconscious posture was, “Hey if you were jealous and possessive of someone then you cared for them, right?” They were not aware that their dance translated into a twisted sadness within me, a deep fear of intimacy and distrust of men. So with this view of the world, what kind of relationships do you think I would attract?

As you know, the law of attraction plays out in the midst of love not in spite of it. So four months before the wedding, my fiancé informed me that he had a lap dance in Tokyo on his business trip. For many women, this may not seem like such a big deal, but our triggers are always tailored to our own particular fears. When he saw how distraught I was, he swore that he would not do it again, that it was simply because a business partner brought him there for a meeting and he was curious…and since I loved him so deeply, I convinced myself that it was a one time fluke..well it was not. A month before my wedding, everything had been finalized, location, band, caterer, dress was being made, guests had booked their tickets, gifts had already started to arrive. My fiancé returns from his bachelor’s party and remarks, “Honey there was a good omen for the wedding, I met this woman who went to your high school and who is Asian. ” “What woman?” I asked. “Oh the one who gave me a lap dance…” As in shock as I was, I could see the bizarre accuracy of the universe at work. This man, self-centered as he was, was not crazy. What he was saying was so strange (how could a lap dancer be a good omen for a wedding, no matter which way you cut it?) it was as if the universe was saying “is this still your trigger? Do you still believe you deserve this?”

At the time I did not have a clue about divine partnership or the concept of a “beloved”, I did know however that I could no longer walk down the aisle with anything but a grin of terror across my face. So although it felt like catastrophe, losing face in Chinese culture is especially humiliating, I walked away from the wedding.

I chose at that moment that I would not accept a life for myself that compromised my values but I also realized that I needed help in what I was creating.

And so I went on a shamanic journey and studied with top metaphysical intuitives, learning all about the law of attraction and the art of manifestation. I gained much wisdom yet none of them were in relationships that I would call divine. I continued and faced some of the deepest and darkest shadows of the self, and it was not until I used my own methods of manifestation and intuitive work that I was able to not only find but more importantly to accept my beloved.

How My Connection to the Divine Helped Me Manifest Him…

But enough of that, you want to hear about the good stuff, how I magically manifested my divine partner…and when I say magical it is layered with miracles, because with the Divine, miracles are the truth and everything else is fiction.

In 2004, after having been a metaphysical practitioner for a few years, I had transformed quite a bit. I had experienced a revolution with my emotions, and flipped my emotional state from being mostly worried, anxious and moody to mostly joyful, peaceful and was just around the corner from being mostly ecstatic. I had been meditating for years, and even had an experience where I found myself illuminated and surrounded by golden light for an entire evening. It was so incredibly blissful I wondered why I was on a planet that could have so much suffering if it could be otherwise. When I asked this question, I heard, “you are to bring that here.” I was a bit confused by that missive and still had quite a few years of intense learning around manifestation before I found myself on a summer on vacation in Paris with two girlfriends.

We were all learning about dowsing with pendulums, and how to have adventures with them. Although it may sound very woo-woo, both of my friends were highly educated and successful women; one was an attorney, who I’ll call Vanessa, famous for helping to launch 6 companies in Europe, and the other one, I’ll call Mel was a high powered marketing executive who helped to sell a startup to a public company.

One day Mel and I took our pendulums and decided to go on an adventure, our only intention was to play with Spirit, and allow ourselves to experience the magic of the day. From the get go there was synchronicity. In the subway an accordionist was playing “La vie en rose”. It made me think of Audrey Hepburn in one of my favorite romances, Sabrina. I wondered if maybe it might be playing somewhere (Paris loves to play old American movies). I got a Pariscope (a weekly guide) and as it turns out not only was it playing; it was playing only one day a week (that evening) at a small theater which Mel had passed a few days earlier and commented – “I would love to see a film there.” We scheduled to see it that night.

In the meantime, we were guided into this small toy store in the Marais. I was drawn to this little miniature wizard. I asked the pendulum if this was a symbol for Vanessa of her coming man…I got a resounding “yes”. As I picked it up to purchase it…

Mel turned around with a knight in shining armor finger puppet. She wiggled it playfully on her finger, and said, “Look, this is the guy who is coming in for you, look how playful and smiley he is.” All I could think is, “A knight? How cliché.” Secretly though, I could feel a warmth growing in my heart.

As she was teasing, bouncing it up and down obnoxiously in front of me, a miniature horse behind her caught my attention. I pointed it out to her, “And there is your stallion Mel.” She paused. We decided to get all three symbols.

That evening after seeing Sabrina, we met up with Vanessa at a brasserie and I handed her, her present in a brown paper bag. Before she opened it she heard a voice say, “This is a symbol of your beloved.” When she saw it all she could say was, “What?! He is going to be old?” “No! I replied, see he is a wizard, metaphysical like you, and as you are a double Aries, he is holding you up, supporting you!” She did not look convinced. It is funny how our fears can trip us up…

The very next day, we went to meet a new acquaintance, a friend of a friend who Vanessa had just met and who peaked her curiosity intensely. When we entered his barren office, I almost burst out with a laugh. He had in his office, nothing on his walls except a poster of the Linux penguin in a wizard outfit. I jabbed her in the waist. “It is him.” As it turns out, he became one of the most transformative relationships she ever had.

Mel flew back to California and immediately met a guy who would say to her, “I am your stallion, honey, I am your stallion.” He was also a hugely transformative man on her path to her Beloved.

And me, I said to the universe, NO! I am not ready…. I had not made my list of what I wanted. In the years following my breakup with my ex-fiancé, I had learned to make a list for manifesting what I wanted. I made lists of everything from ideal jobs, to apartments, to, the “One”. And I will have to say that for a long time, making the list for a relationship was a halfhearted event. I was still too wounded from the wedding that never happened.

But funnily enough that did not seem to make any difference to the universe. Each time I got exactly what I requested, and learned about more things I had not thought about…(the universe will give you what you need to take you to the next level).

Creating “the List”

But when I came home to California this time, I had been through years of healing, of learning how to read and shift energy, I was awake, conscious of how I co-created with the universe and I wanted nothing less than a divine partnership, someone who I’d be spending a good portion of my life with, who served me by serving my highest and best purpose, who could be a true companion on that journey. Here is an excerpt from my list:

  • My beloved is deeply intuitive and metaphysical, spiritual in a way that is harmonious with my spirituality
  • He cooks me delicious healthy meals that I love to eat
  • He is neat
  • He is athletic
  • He is tall – (the last few men I dated were around my height which is 5 feet 4 inches)
  • He speaks several languages
  • He likes to surprise me with gifts (I had a bunch of dates with starving artists and poverty stricken environmentalists, and wanted a man who understood finances and lived in abundance.)
  • The list goes on and on and this was something I had never put on my list before: a great storyteller.

And then it started to happen… I started to see signs. Knight imagery flashed everywhere, from medieval paintings to half a dozen of those Knight Transportation trucks that you on the highway, all in a course of a month. The signs were helpful as they taught me how to relax and to trust.

How We Met

And so when on February 7th of last year I met him, I didn’t freak out and run in the other direction. A mutual friend, who had suggested that we get together to discuss business, introduced us. In our first meeting we had a 3-hour “business” conversation that had nothing to do with business but everything to do with metaphysics, spirituality, and synchronicity.

  • He is tall: 6 foot 10 inches to be exact, athletic, a beach volleyball champion.
  • He is intuitive: The second time we met, we talked for hours, went for a walk on the beach and, he asked me if he could put his hand on my heart and I thought, ok not the smoothest way to hit on a girl. I was curious though and let him. Immediately, grief that I didn’t realize I still held from my relationship with my ex-fiancé, surfaced and sweetly released. I turned to him and asked him if he knew he was a healer? He replied, “no, I just got that I was supposed to do that for you.” In the next moment, he told me that I was everything on his “list”. I had completely forgotten about what I had put on mine. Luckily I did not look at it until 3 months later because I think my personality was not yet ready to accept how “big” the relationship was quite yet.
  • He is romantic and likes to give gifts: our first official date was on Valentine’s Day, where he gave me a blue coral necklace and told me that he wanted to love me more than everyone has ever loved me. And in case I was not ready, that “he was strong and would wait for me.”
  • He understands finances: had worked at Microsoft and for HP in France, has bought, sold houses, taught windsurfing in Venezuela.
  • He speaks several languages, fluent in French and Spanish.
  • He is one of the funniest men I know, and an incredible musician and writer.
  • Regarding cooks me yummy healthy meals: He loves to cook me crab cakes, fresh fish tacos, and ahi tuna salad are just a few of his top dishes.
  • Neat: He is not the neatest person I know but he comes with his own housecleaner.
  • And storyteller? He has a company that publishes children’s books (many of which he writes).

Talking with the Universe

So what of the knight imagery? We went on a hike the next weekend in Point Reyes and at one point I turned around and I saw him for a flash in broad daylight, wearing a knight’s chain mail armor. My mouth dropped open and he asked me what was wrong…I told him about the signs I had been having. He smiled and then told me about how he had recently done a meditation where he had a past life regression and saw himself in some court system, married to a very powerful woman. He had fallen in love with a woman from the town and when his wife found out she had her brought in front of him and killed. Right before he met me, he had just released a lot of sorrow around this memory.

That week an intuitive friend of mine who didn’t know the story said, “hmmm, you guys had a past life together, somewhere in Europe, you were wearing this tall empire waisted dress and in that life you could not be together, but now you can…”

Regardless of whether or not you believe in past lives, the signs helped me to release doubt, and lent the entire experience a very fairytale romantic air (something that I like personally, but which may not be your taste, and your Beloved will be suited to your taste).

The first time we embraced, I lost my breath. The amount of love I felt from him nearly knocked me over. The energy between us felt not only like arriving home, but more importantly didn’t feel co-dependent. When we were apart from one another, I still felt whole and centered. Did I still have doubts? Yes, every once in awhile old thought patterns of fear would surface but the Universe always made sure to tell me I was on track with signs like these…

I wanted a man who could speak French and was witty. Well his license plate seemed to agree. It reads: 4JEU411 Jeu means “play” in French. 4-Play (ha, ha).

Another Remarkable Example….

So my Beloved owns a company called Aardvark Adventure Stories where children can star in their own personalized adventure books. A talented musician as well, he was one day recording a song that goes with one of his books called “A Space Adventure.”

It is all about how there is a planet called Gronk where only horrible sounding music is allowed because Emperor Zonk doesn’t allow anyone to smile. The music somehow reaches Earth, giving everyone a huge headache and the protagonist must go to the planet and stop Zonk. He/she does so by making the Emperor smile. On the day that he was recording a song about this book, I walked by this a license plate that read “GRONK” Are you getting the picture? (Pun fully intended) Are you getting just how magnificent and powerful the universe is, and as you are part of the universe, just how powerful we are?

How Has Having a Beloved Changed My Life?

  • Our passion: physical, spiritual and mental which was incredible when it began, has found no peak, it just continues to expand and deepen.
  • His presence in my life, guides me to stay connected to my higher self
  • Not only do my parents adore him, he’s been my #1 coach in dealing with my charismatic & challenging father
  • When we go out, people often feel compelled to come and talk to us. They remark on how inspired they are to see the way we are with one another. Our love encourages an opening in people, rather than a shutting down…
  • I feel a sense of safety and purposefulness I didn’t know I could feel as a result of being so held in this love.
  • Our quirks fit exactly. Up until now, supposedly he’s never had a mate that has found him as funny as I have, and he tells me that my snoring (which has had all my exes at one point or another heading for the couch) is, “comforting” to him…egad.
  • In this partnership, I feel more free, more seen, and more grounded than I’ve ever been.
  • The events leading up to our meeting as well as the synchronicities that surround our daily lives gives us knowledge that we are divinely guided.

Imagine having all these qualities and whatever else you want in YOUR Beloved Relationship.


  • Have a relationship that gets more beautiful, loving and powerful every year rather than less so!
  • Bring peace to your own life and to your community by being an example of love and deep happiness.
  • You know how love gives you that feeling that you can accomplish anything? The Beloved relationship ensures that what you create together is for the benefit of not only you but also the community at large!
  • Have a consistent passion with your partner that is based on respect, gratitude and trust.
  • Know that your partner is a whole and complete human being and so are you so that you are able to thrive even when the other person isn’t around.
  • Gain constant inspiration and enthusiasm for life, because there is nothing that nourishes the soul more than unconditional love.
  • Have more confidence in manifesting all the other desires you have, because the power of 2 exponentially increase your ability to manifest.
  • Have a playmate who truly “gets you” and supports your most expansive, loving, magnificent vision of self.
  • Create divine family and community that enrich the lives of all you touch.

By definition a Beloved relationship supports your connection to Source and is marked with synchronicity, miracles, and magic.

  • I truly believe that it is only through loving presence (with self and in partnership that we can engender such a society.)

So if you are still on the search for your beloved, don’t give up! It is your divine birthright and the forces of the Universe are conspiring every day to bringing him/her to you.

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