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Craziness and Logic – Free Report

Young people are attracted toward the concept of craziness because, for them, it means a different conception of reality. Artists believe that it represents another vision of life that, perhaps, is much better than the rough routine and very limited systems, where the human being cannot express oneself. Many people like craziness just because it’s not something bound by several limitations. However, craziness is a drama. Real craziness means terror and despair; it’s not something anyone could possibly like.

If many people tend to like the idea of being crazy, it is because they consider craziness as something not so harmful and they don’t know what real logic is. Perhaps what everyone considers logic is really completely absurd and that those who don’t agree with what everybody believes as being logically correct are not the ones who are really crazy. In this case, we would be talking about massive craziness, what unfortunately is a real phenomenon that can be observed in human society right from ancient times until now.

What can be considered logic depends on many factors. It’s connected with the mentality of the people with reference to their place and time. The human being can define and judge what logic is only according to the knowledge one has acquired. In the Middle Ages, for example, it was considered logical to do many things that we consider disgusting today because humanity was too ignorant at the time. Today, we consider logic as many things that we know as fact but are actually very absurd. We are always running, in a hurry, without the time to sit and talk with anyone, without the time to help anyone, without the time to take care of our own needs… But we think that it’s logical to run this way so that we may produce more and earn more. If, however, we consider the price we pay in order to earn more money, we would understand how absurd we are.

We suffer too much the way we live; we live in constant stress. We have to pay many doctors in order to cure our psychic problems and all our health problems, because our bodies are affected by our mind’s decisions and the mistakes we make. Our bodies cannot work for so many hours at a stretch and our hearts cannot accept the kind of life we live.

We are crazy because we live this way and crazier because we know that the way we live is terrible, but we believe we have to continue living this way because there is no other solution. This conclusion reflects our insanity, but we believe we are logical.

What is logic? Whatever is balanced, has an explanation, and can be deducted is logic. Many people think that whatever can be justified is logic. What an illusion!

Logic cannot be based on explanations because we have to consider the fact that many totally absurd ideas can be very well justified, giving us the impression that they are logical while they are based on subjective interpretations of reality that do not correspond to its essence. Everything can be logically justified, but many of the logically justified statements are only supposedly justified.

This is a chaotic field!

First of all, we must identify who practices the act to judge what logic is. This is done by the human conscience. What is conscience? Conscience is the psychic organ through which the human being recognizes his existence and has the capacity to criticise his life, the people around him and the world where he lives. This organ decides what is logical. However, is the human conscience fair enough in order to be able to judge what shall be considered logic?

If we examine the human conscience, we’ll observe that it is very absurd in too many regards. So, how can this absurd conscience decide what is logic, since its functionalism is very deficient and yet based on the knowledge of its time?

It appears that we do not have a place to start looking for what is really logic…

Logic is defined in as a system of reasoning. It is the result of ratiocination or reasoning. Hence, it depends on human thoughts.

Logic is a system through which human reasoning looks for ideal conclusions after the observation of reality, conclusions that will help the human being conclude several things even before verifying their validity because he already had similar experiences and his first conclusions can be applied in many other situations and conditions when he faces the same problems.

This system is transmitted and transformed in human society, acquiring several ramifications. Generally accepted statements belong to common logic, but each group of individuals develops its own logic structure; further, many individuals from these groups develop their own logic system, and what is considered logic acquires a subjective characteristic, according to the theory of each particular logic.

Among all the generally accepted systems of reasoning, there are many that are completely absurd, just like the ones we have already observed when describing the mistakes assumed to be logic that are accepted in our time.

Logic has a general aspect and value and a personal value for each individual. A person may follow general logic, or in other words, agree with the usual system of reasoning of their epoch or not. They may follow their own logic system of conclusions, or in other words, their own deductions based on past experiences.

So, what is logic doesn’t need to be accurate, it only has to be the result of the ratiocination of one or many individuals. However, if we don’t have a base in order to be able to say that this collection of conclusions is absolutely correct, balanced, and objective, we don’t have a base for psychic health. We need to connect what is logic to what is correct, reasonable, and undoubtedly balanced in order to find psychic health somewhere. We need a clear definition of what is really logic in our daily life, so that we may be helped by our notions or by the notions of other people, and this way understand what is absurd, and what is the opposite of logic.

Another online dictionary defines logic as:

1. PHILOSOPHY theory of reasoning: the branch of philosophy that deals with the theory of deductive and inductive arguments and aims to distinguish good from bad reasoning

2. system or instance of reasoning: any system of, or an instance of, reasoning and inference

3. sensible argument and thought: sensible rational thought and argument rather than ideas that are influenced by emotion or whim

4. reasoning of particular field: the principles of reasoning relevant to a particular field

5. relationship and pattern of events: the relationship between specific events, situations, or objects, and the inevitable consequences of their interaction

Again, we cannot see a pattern that could guide us to the logic that would be undoubtedly correct, so that we could understand what to do to be always logical instead of being absurd and, therefore, crazy.

The compact Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “absurd,” which is the opposite of logic as follows:


o adjective completely unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

— DERIVATIVES absurdity noun absurdly adverb.

— Latin absurdus ‘out of tune’, hence ‘irrational’.

We can see clearly that we have no base for our judgement of what could be considered as truly or absolutely logical and not absurd, but a system of reasoning that leads us to successful conclusions that can help us be always balanced instead of absurd.

There are many theories concerning what is logic and rationalism and is a very dangerous and confusing field.

Nothing could help us find a base for psychic health and balance in logic. It is the opposite of absurd, but logic itself can be absurd because it is a collection of the deductions of some mind or some minds and these minds can be crazy.

In that case, let us look for the solution elsewhere. Let us examine what the psychiatrists and the psychologists can tell us about logic and absurdity.

Each psychiatrist and psychologist has his or her own theory and methods. Shall we examine what all of them have to tell us?

This is exhausting! I studied what the most important of them have to tell us for 2 years until I realized that only Carl Jung was correct. Then, I spent another 2 years trying to understand his method of dream interpretation, which is the unique method that is absolutely correct, as I could verify through several discoveries in many scientific fields that proved that Jung’s theory could be applied in many fields where the results are the same.

So, I better save your time and start showing you directly what Carl Jung has to tell us about craziness and logic.

Jung discovered that there are 8 psychological types and each person belongs to one of them. Each type has several characteristics that define the behaviour of that type. There are 4 introverted and 4 extroverted types that are opposite and they interpret reality in ways completely different from one another. So, they can never agree in basic points.

He also discovered the exact translation of the symbols that appear in dreams and in artistic and religious manifestations throughout the world. This way, he could understand what happens in the human psychic sphere and learn how to communicate with the unconscious side of the human psyche that produces dreams.

I agree with everything he said until the point where he stops his journey into the human psychic sphere. At this point, he accepts ignorance and says that the human being shall not continue further on this trip. He would have been able to learn the rest only after death.

When I came to that point, I had indications from the unconscious, which clearly showed me that I should dare to continue the research abandoned by Jung.

I understood that logic and sensibility don’t depend on rationalism but on sensitivity, because only sensitivity can prevent craziness. Exactly, because rationalism is a game of words and meanings that can be very distant from reality. Only sensitivity can bring the human being back to reality when one starts to lose contact with what is happening with someone else or with the real meaning of his ideas. So, a system of reasoning is not really logic, with the definition we imagine that this word shall have–the correct, the deductible, the obvious truth. No, a system of reasoning cannot guarantee to the human being safety. We cannot trust our ideas. We can only trust our hearts, if they are still really alive and not petrified as most of the hearts in our crazy world.

Fortunately, the unconscious that produces the dreams we see when we sleep is a real doctor! I saw its medicine after a tragic car accident I suffered when I was 15 years old through my own literature. After that disaster in which my dearest friend Marina died when she was only 22 years old, I lost my faith. I became an atheist and became very aggressive. I threw the first literary book I wrote when I was 14 years old in the trash because I concluded that it was completely immature. My character changed more than 100%.

In the strange romance I wrote after that terrible accident, the unconscious provided me with psychotherapy. I needed it very much because after that accident I lost my memory and my movements were restricted. I only recovered completely after 6 very painful months during which I didn’t believe I would ever be like I was before that tragedy. Nobody else believed it was possible either, because I had received a very serious trauma to my head.

But I gradually recuperated my mind and my movements and I didn’t seem to have any problem 8 months after the tragic accident. However, my heart was broken and I didn’t want to live. I wanted to have died instead of Marina, whom I considered lucky because she abandoned the world we lived in. I couldn’t forgive God because He abandoned us and I started writing many very aggressive poems against Jesus Christ, who I adored before. I became an atheist and I attacked religion very offensively.

I started writing a very strange romance in which an old beggar wanted to give peace and happiness to humanity. He started looking for food in order to feed everyone, with a very poor little girl who also wanted to save poor people from starving, but they couldn’t find enough food. Instead of solving the problem of hunger, they discovered that human beings could be gluttons when they would have enough food and that it would become another problem that needed a solution because they wouldn’t be happy even with enough food and everything else that they needed.

The symbolism in this strange romance is very impressive, because the entire book is written in a symbolic language, right from the beginning to the end. When I later learned how to interpret the symbolic meaning of literature as we interpret the symbolism in dreams, like Jung did with the works of many writers, I saw that the unconscious was not only providing me psychotherapy while it was sending me the inspiration to write this book, but it also was a symbolic treasure for me.

The book is entitled “The philanthropic beggar,” and it was written from October of 1977, 15 months after the accident, until January of 1983, when I got married.

It reflected my psychic disease and, at the same time, the disease of mankind because it could be interpreted in 3 ways–the literary way, the psychological way, and the symbolic way.

Not only human beings were heroes in the book. The three heads who came from another planet were very important heroes too, and they have a decisive meaning in the story. One of them is black and rationalist, and the other two are sensitive. However, one of them is blind and the other one is deaf. They flew in the air observing the human beings and what was happening with the philanthropic beggar and the poor girl.

The sensitive heads try to teach sensitivity to the rationalist head, but it cannot understand it. The sensitive heads are imperfect though, but even though they were imperfect, they were happy because they were able to feel with their senses.

The literary meaning is that if human beings were observed by other conscious species they would be considered absurd because they don’t feel anything even though they are perfect and have all their senses working. They would also be considered absurd by other rationalist beings because their life is not logical either as it should be since they are rational animals who can think and organize their lives.

The psychological meaning it had for me as a patient who needed psychotherapy is that I despised my body completely because the heads didn’t have a body and because they were in the air, in the high place of God. So for me, rationalism was in the place of God, meaning that I considered it basic, although rationalism is very confusing and dangerous, as we have studied before. The three heads symbolized rationalism, even though two of them were sensitive, because they were heads without bodies. However, the fact that they were sensitive but deficient is very important too, because it shows us that my senses were blind and deaf. My sensitivity didn’t exist. My psychic sphere was dominated by my rationalism when I wrote this romance. The black colour of the rationalist head indicates the dominance of evil. So, rationalism is bad because it’s cruel and lacks feelings.

There was a lemon tree in the book that the beggar planted, but it never grew or bore lemons. The three heads observed this phenomenon and the two sensitive heads understood the reason for this failure. The lemon tree needed water. Not common water, but the water that is borne in the human heart.

The tree symbolizes life and the water symbolizes forgiveness. Life needs compassion in order to grow and continue its cycle and continue bearing fruits. The lemons symbolize cleanliness. Only when the human being learns to forgive one’s enemies, one’s life will be clean and no longer dirty. Human life is dirty because the human being is far from morality and honesty. Further, the human being is a murderer who spills blood, and so, one needs to learn to forgive instead of killing others if one wants to live peacefully.

In this romance, the unconscious reflected not only my psychic disease, but also the disease of humanity, because it has a mythological character. The dialogues are in poetry and in the plural form in second person, which is not used in daily Portuguese language, but only in religious texts. An invisible personage who knows and understands everything is the narrator. Humanity is mentioned all the time. The beggar and the poor girl didn’t want to save only the inhabitants of the grey city where they lived, but the whole of humanity.

This strange romance gave me the key to comprehend the real meaning of dreams, life, and the base of psychic health. Sensitivity is the medicine for cold rational craziness and therefore it is the unique base we can use to try and keep our human conscience alive, logical, sensible, and wise.

I needed to understand this basic point before facing the unknown content of human psychic sphere that Jung didn’t meet because he stopped his research at a certain point, accepting ignorance from that point on.

My experiences with craziness started from my childhood because my father was schizophrenic; however, worked and did many things as a normal human being. Sometimes, though, his behaviour was very strange and at other times, he was completely absurd. Without intending to, I studied his behaviour intensely throughout my life, even when I lived far from him because his case also gave me a key–the key to comprehend the nature of craziness and how it functions.

I also followed the development of craziness in one of my favorite uncles who became hysterical when he had to face the consequences of his mistakes. His psychological type was the strangest one–the introverted type based on intuitions, which is a very incomprehensible psychological type. People who belong to this type can be successful in life only if they are artists because they cannot adapt to objective reality. They live in their own world of fantasy.

My worst experience with the development of craziness was the verification of how unbeatable this disease is and how it could really kill even people who appear very sensible. My dear friend Arnold became psychotic after a trip to Europe, after which he got involved with several religious groups. I was in the United States when he started to have strange ideas and in Greece when he had a crisis and started to break everything in his house and beat his two sisters. His mother called an ambulance. He underwent electroshock therapy but never recuperated his conscience.

When I came back to Brazil I saw him in the clinic, looking extremely dull. When I was living in Greece, he communicated with me through letters and wrote about his psychiatrist who was prescribing several very strong medicines to him. After 5 years of his psychotherapy, his younger sister sent me a letter saying that he committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of the apartment were he decided to live alone after the psychotic illness.

I knew that craziness was a very powerful enemy and that I had to be very careful while exploring the content of my own psychic sphere, and I was right because schizophrenia was threatening me. My psychic disease was clearly reflected in the strange romance I wrote after the car accident and in my dreams. If I had to continue the research that Carl Jung abandoned, it was because only a miracle could save me from schizophrenia and that miracle could be achieved through knowledge. That’s why I was encouraged by the wise unconscious to continue the trip inside my psychic sphere through dream interpretation. Otherwise, this research was equivalent to suicide. However, I had no other choice. If I wouldn’t have tried to understand my disease and learn how to fight against it, I wouldn’t have been able to survive.

I discovered the ancient human conscience inside our psychic sphere, which is completely wild and violent as it was in the beginning of its creation because it did not pass through any conscious transformation. This wild conscience provokes craziness in our human conscience invading it through the person’s ego. It suggests several solutions to the person’s problems. If the person accepts them, he or she falls into the wild conscience’s trap. The unique salvation for the human being is the respect of the moral principles of goodness. If one abandons them, one easily loses human conscience and becomes crazy.

But craziness has many aspects and it can be hidden very well, since crazy people, even schizophrenics, can pretend that they are normal people and do several things as if they were actually normal. They can also justify their statements and build a system of reasoning that may seem to be very adequate and sensible, while it is actually cruel, cold, rational and therefore absurd.

After this discovery I had to cure a schizophrenic patient over a period of 7 years, because he was in love with me and he thought that I was responsible for his misfortune. At the same time, I was curing a dear friend who suffered from psychosis, for 13 years. I also treated a friend who was victim of terror over 5 years in addition to helping many other people with serious problems.

My sad experiences with craziness were quite different from the cold and impersonal experiences of psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists. That’s why I could discover the antidote for craziness, which could never be discovered by insensitive rationalism and that’s why I could face schizophrenia and win the battle in the end.

I started writing a very complicated scientific book on 1988 in order to prove to the world, relating several scientific discoveries, that only Carl Jung discovered the correct translation of the dream symbols. However, since I continued his research into the unknown realm of the human psychic sphere and discovered the wild and violent ancient conscience, I had to study my discoveries through 19 years before I could present to the world the result of my research, which I have done only now.

The most important point in my research was the necessity to put an end to terror and violence. I could not reveal to the world the unknown content of the human psychic sphere without also revealing the solution for humanity. Terror, violence, immorality, hypocrisy, and futility will find their end thanks to this work and many others that will complete the vision of reality that dream interpretation can provide us.

Many people underestimate their dreams because ignorance has surrounded their meaning for many years and until today nobody knows the exact translation of the dreams’ meanings. My work proves that only Carl Jung discovered the correct translation of the dream’s symbols, but this knowledge wouldn’t help humanity without the solution for the tragic problems of terror, craziness, and despair.

The end of terror depends on craziness prevention. This is the unique solution we have and we must thank God that we have it now, because before this gigantic work, we had no solution for our despair. Jung couldn’t solve all human problems. He had to accept ignorance at his time. But my work had to be different and reach the end. That’s why it took 19 years to be complete.

I showed you from the beginning how crazy our world and our lifestyles are. We are totally absurd, and this is a general reality.

Besides wars and poverty, there are so many other horrors in our world that we can only really be considered crazy because we live in a place with these conditions and yet try to be happy!

The most serious sign of global craziness is human indifference of the suffering of other human beings. Only monsters can be so completely indifferent in front of pain! So, our insanity is reflected not only in our absurd actions and thoughts, but also in our absurd apathy in front of terror!

If we deeply examine our behaviour, we’ll understand how absurd we are. This is a general phenomenon and is more serious because it simply verifies the existence of so many depressed and neurotic people in our world and the existence of so many suicides in our cold and rational modern civilization.

We believe we have made some progress because of our huge technological development, but in fact we still remain very near our wild side, since we have not developed our psychic sphere. The human being is an animal and his rationale does not help him become wiser. On the contrary, it pushes him to make several mistakes because his thoughts are insensitive, completely cold, and disconnected with human reality.

In my strange romance, the philanthropic beggar and the poor girl met a mysterious hero in their trip, while they were looking for food and for the solution for human glutton–a flying shark that told them they needed to find the logic of peace if they wanted to solve all human problems.

Now that you know so well how absurd logic is, you can understand how absurd the shark’s advice was…

The solution for mankind is psychotherapy. Everyone needs to make the dangerous trip inside their psychic sphere through dream interpretation in order to discover their wild self and transform it, so that it may help them live happily instead of provoking them craziness. The real danger is ignorance and indifference threatened by craziness.

The unconscious that produces the dreams gives us guidance while curing our psychic diseases. Of course, we have to look for the solution ourselves. The unconscious only gives us directions, but we must study and work until we find the solution we need because our human conscience has to be developed. If the unconscious gave us all the solutions ready, we would be only puppets who cannot judge or conclude anything by themselves.

The unconscious is a very demanding doctor, but the solutions it helps us find really helps us! We can surely trust the wisdom of the unconscious, while we cannot trust our own judgement because we are crazy in many ways and our logic can mislead us in numerous ways.

However, our conscience doesn’t agree with the necessity to obey to the wise directions the unconscious gives us, because our ego is completely selfish and it wants to decide what we should do in our lives.

This is a problem that can be solved only through our comprehension of the enormity of our ignorance. We can acquire an attitude shift while facing our ego’s desires if we understand how harmful these selfish desires are. They only push us towards craziness. We have to be very careful in order to avoid falling in the traps that our wild side prepares for our human conscience through our ego’s desires. Pursuing these desires, we abandon all our moral principles and get lost in the labyrinth of craziness.

Everyone needs to learn the unconscious language, so that they may benefit by the psychotherapy it provides us. If this language is so incomprehensible to our human conscience, it is because there is a very serious reason preventing the unconscious to clearly reveal its messages to the human conscience. Each one has to learn this language with patience and with a very humble attitude because only this way one can be liberated with this knowledge.

Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation is very complicated and can hardly be understood, but since I could continue his research and verify the unknown content of the human psychic sphere, I could simplify his method and explain the dreams’ symbolic meaning in a much clearer way.

Dream decoding was never considered a serious occupation, mainly because many people look for popular dream interpretations trying to guess the future through them, but this occupation is in fact the most serious tool of all, since it is the safest way to fight against craziness, and since craziness is a danger that is always threatening everyone.

The dreams help us make future predictions and we can interpret our present reality in the same way that we interpret our dreams, thus having information about many things that we could not have learned.

So, dream interpretation, sensitivity, compassion and loyalty to our moral principles are, in fact, the real antidotes to craziness.

Logic is only a confusing and misleading system of reasoning that is mostly responsible for the human loss in the labyrinth of craziness and is not a safeguard against insanity and craziness.

Christina Sponias – Expert Author

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